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About Us...

  • Low teacher - student ratio (Maximum 3 infants to 1 fully qualified teacher)

  • Daily communication with parents through Brightwheel app ( photos, videos, nap time, diaper changes, meals, and notes)

  • Meals and snacks will be provided

  • Age-appropriate curriculum

  • First Aid and CPR certified staff

  • We are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, influenza, MMR, and TDAP.

daycare san ramon ca
daycare san ramon ca

Our Mission...

“Teach Minds, Touch Hearts, and Transform Lives”

To teach minds by helping the child gain fun learning experiences through play, socialization, and developing their skills in Reading, Writing, Math, Art, and Science

To touch hearts by demonstrating love and care to each individual child, helping them build self-confidence, discover their gifts, talents, and making them feel special, unique, and valued.

To transform lives by giving the child proper guidance based on Biblical principles, planting Christian values, and helping them develop a relationship with God

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